»  Genevieve Gorder married and husband

Posted On: Jul 11, 2014
Despite being successful interior designer and TV personality, many facts relating to her personal life remains as a mystery. She is known to be married but her husband is mentioned nowhere. She is believed to have divorced her partner. After her separation with her spouse, she is currently residing in Manhattan with her only daughter, Bebelle. It can be assumed that she is enjoying a happy feet with her daughter.

Extremely sharp minded and versatile Genevieve Gorder is a reputed American television host & interior designer. Best known for her contribution in interior designing, Genevieve is a well figure of HGTV channel as an anchor of “Dear Genevieve”. Before being a prominent figure as a designer, she started as a reporter for MTV series, Sex in the 90s. She was the celebrated designer of TLC reality program, “Trading Space”. Associating with the show, she emerged out as an efficient designer: known for her strange habit of working barefoot. Known for her association with “Duffy and Partner” design firm, Genevieve has designed the bottle for No. 10 gin called Tanqueray. Her barefoot working habit was parodied in the sweeper commercial of “Swiffer” by herself. Addition to her contribution on Trading Spaces, she worked a designer for the show spinoff called “Trading Spaces: Family”. Genevieve was one of the brilliant judge of “HGTV Design Star”, Genevieve is also famous for own television show “Dear Genevieve”. The show “Dear Genevieve” debuted in 2009, focusing on the Genevieve techniques to design room or an area for a family. Presently she is hosting the HGTV’s show “White House Christmas”, recently it was mentioned that Genevieve is filming her new show anonymous at a time.

Genevieve was born on July 26, 1974 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Born to John Charles Gorder and Diana Drake, Genevieve was send to Minneapolis South High School, where she joined violin classes and played soccer. Raised with her three siblings, Genevieve was the attendant of Lewis & Clark College, where she established herself as an avid student graduating in international affairs. She first had a though of becoming an international affairs personality before envisioning her career with interior designing field. Following her dreams in the designing arena, she joined School of Visual Arts and graduated scoring B.F.A in design. In the year 1994, she worked being intern at MTV, headquartered in New York City. Upon completing the internship, she was offered a permanent job at MTV.

Winner of three Telly awards, Genevieve Gorder is a well known of American television industry. Also accomplished a milestone in her interior designing profession, Genevieve is also admired for her others ventures. In addition, she is considered among the few fortunate individuals who have her own television show also.