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Posted On: Jun 26, 2015
Married to Sandy King since 1990, John Carpenter had one failure marriage before with actress Adrienne Barbeau. John met his first wife, Adrienne, during the filming of his TV-made-movie "Someone's Watching Me!" in 1978. Later that year in January, he married her & through her marriage, Adrienne appeared in "The Fog", "Escape From New York", both of which were directed by John. Their son, John Cody Carpenter was born in May 1984, & sadly the same year John divorced Adrienne. Later his broken heart was mended by his current wife, producer Sandy King, who has also helped him professionally by producing his many movies.

Extremely talented, mature and experienced persona of Hollywood, John Carpenter is an excellent director, producer, composer, screenwriter, editor & composer of America. Some of his critics praised yet commercially unsuccessful projects include "Halloween", "Escape from New York" & "Starman". Afterwards, many of his movies from 1970s & 1980s like 1974's "Dark Star", 1976's "Assault on Precinct 13", 1980's "The Fog", 1982's "The Thing", 1983's "Christine", 1986's "Big Trouble in Little China", 1987's "Prince of Darkness" & 1988's "They Live", have since been considered as cult classics, making John an influential filmmaker of all time. Had experience in diverse genre of films, but commonly John is known for his association with science fiction & horror movies, from 1970s & 1980s. During his film course at USC Cinema in year 1969, John directed & wrote an eight-minute short movie called "Captain Voyeur", which was later rediscovered in USC archives in 2011. His first major directorial work was evidenced with the release of 1974's "Dark Star", which a science-fiction black comedy that was written by him & Dan O'Bannon. Additionally most of movies are categorized by minimalist lighting & photography, use of steadicam, static cameras & distinguishing synthesized scores. And more recently in February of 2015, John released his album called "Los Themes" under Sacred Bones Records, an indie label.

Born as John Howard Carpenter on January 16th 1948, in Carthage, New York, United States, John Carpenter is the child of Milton Jean & her music professor spouse, Howard Ralph Carpenter. Raised in Bowling Green, Kentucky, John was fascinated by films from early age, mostly from the westerns of John Fords & Howard Hanks, as well 1950s low-budget horror movies, like "The Things from Another World", & many others. Previously, he was the attendant of Western Kentucky University, where his father used to chair the music department. And later, he was transformed to University of Southern California's School of Cinema Arts in year 1968, however later dropped-out to make his debut feature film.

One of the well-known director and filmmaker of America, John Carpenter, fame came to the director in 1970s, when he directed his first major film "Dark Star" in 1974.