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Posted On: Jul 9, 2015
Openly a gay ever since early 1990s, Clive Barker has earlier stated that throughout his young years he had numerous love relationship with older woman & by age eighteen or nineteen, he identifies himself as homosexual. Prior to his revelation as gay in early 1990s, from 1975 till 1986, he was in relationship with Josh Gregson, which lasted for over a decade. Later he dated Emilian David Armstrong for thirteen long years, separating in 2009.

A reputed personality in British entertainment industry, film director, writer and visual artist, Clive Barker is hugely admired for his work in both horror & fantasy fiction. Came to prominence in mid-1980s through the array of short stories entitled "Book of Blood", establishing him as promising young horror-writer, Clive has since wrote several many novels & his fiction has also been adapted into movies, particularly the "Hellraiser" & "Candyman" series. Earlier, Clive was the Executive producer of movie "Gods and Monsters", which later won Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. Additionally, Clive's paintings & illustrations have been presented in galleries in America, & as well within his own books/novels. Also he has originated some original series & characters for comic books, & some of him well-known horror stories have been adapted into medium. In his early career, he mostly used to write in horror genre, commonly in form of short stories, & is the author of contemporary horror/fantasy. Also had worked in creative side of horror video-game like "Clive Barker's Undying", voicing the character Ambrose, Clive's horror adaptations & spinoffs in comics, includes Marvel/Epic Comic series "Nightbreed", "Pinhead", "Hellraiser", "Book of the Damned", "The Harrowers", & "Jihad"; Dark Horse Comics' includes "Primal", among others.

Born and raised in Liverpool, Merseyside, the son of Leonard Barker & Joan Ruby, Clive Barker felt the first version of his life on October 5th, 1952. He studied at Dovedale Primary School, then Quarry Bank High School, & later University of Liverpool, where he studied Philosophy & English. As a young child of age four, Clive witnessed the death of Fresh skydiver, Leo Valentin fall to death during his performance at air show in Liverpool. And later, Clive has mentioned Valentin in many of his stories.

Veteran writer and film director Clive Barker is one the internationally popular personality whose legacy has earned him several prestigious awards, accolades & foremost recognition as one of the most talented writer in genre of horror of all time.