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Posted On: Jul 7, 2014
Rick Steves was once a married man. He was formerly married to Anne Steves. Together the couple has parented two grown children. In the year 2010, Rick and Anne Steves divorced each other.

One of the prolific author and renowned television personality, Rick Steves most work priority is on European travel. Currently hosting the series of American Public Television called “Rick Steves’ Europe”, a public travel program, Rick has also authored several travelling guides’ books. Rick first started his journey as a teacher of travel classes at University of Washington, also worked as a piano teacher as well as severed being a tour guide during summer. He wrote the first version of “Europe Through the Back Door (ETBD)”, a guide book on how to roam in Europe, in 1979. By 1980, he self-published his first version of guide book “ETBD”. He then started storefront business which was both a piano institute and a travel centre. Rick integrated his business as “Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door”, which was addressed in his hometown of Edmonds, Washington. For the first time, in 1991, Rick produced TV shows on European destination and sold public television station for gratis. Through the TV he gained huge popularity and mass attention and his guidebooks, his tours and merchandise business grew. In the year 1991, he commenced his relationship with Public Television. He was appointed as the host of “Travel in Europe with Rick”. Ever since Rick made his association with public television, the channel is earning million of dollars. Rick also writes and co-produces his TV programs from his own “Back Door Production” company. Rick is the co-authored of famous “Europe 101: History & Art for Travelers”. Additionally, Rick has also expanded his ventures into radio, mobile application and newspapers. In 2005, he premiered a weekly program on public radio called “Travel with Rick Steves”. In the year 2006, Rick was named syndicated newspaper columnist for his Tribune Media Services column. He launched his first mobile application in 2010 as “Rick Steves’ Audio Europe”, records of audio content on self-guiding walking tours.

“American Public Television (APT)” is the biggest programming syndicator for public television station inside the United States. The year 1961 APT was founded as the “Eastern Educational Television Network (EEN). APT first broadcasts the shows including The French Chef (alongside Julia Child), Washington Week in Review and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood on a nationwide. With its increasing name, APT continued on distributing an extensive variety of public television shows nationally and administrated the Create & World TV networks on public television as well. In the November of 1970, APT introduced Wall $treet Week on national basis. During 1980s and 1990s, APT was known as “Interregional Program Service” and “American Program Service” respectively.

Author of best-selling international guidebook inside USA, Rick Steves is renowned TV and radio personality. Rick Steves is best known as a charismatic author and host of several syndicated TV and radio shows.