» Sharon Tay married and husband

Posted On: Apr 29, 2014
Ever glowing and delightful Sharon Tay is quite secretive of her life behind the camera. Globally known as popular TV personality, her off-screen romancing chemistry is still unknown to public. So very selective information is let out about her; however there is no sign of her love affairs. Sharon Tay seems as an autonomous in her real life. Till date, she is not married, does not seems to date any handsome alleged boyfriend who she has been in committed relationship with. She must be searching her prince charming appropriate to be her devoted husband. Till date, she has not experienced a husband-wife life or a nasty divorce yet. Also there is no query of her children so far.

48 years old hot provoking news reporter and caster Sharon Tay is the present host for KCBS-TV/KCAL-TV networks. Earlier, she was the anchor on MSNBC network hosting their two programs. In the late 80’s, Sharon joined KCCN-TV in California. She then was the General Assignment correspondent for the CBS. She then moved to Los Angeles and there she joined KTLA-TV. After a few of service at KTLA-TV her post from general assignment correspondent was uplifted to the anchor of the morning show. In 2004, she got associated with MSNBC where she hosted two programs at a time. Currently she is working for KCAL-TV in Los Angeles. She there is an anchor for KCAL weeknight and primetime newscast. She moved her ranks at KCAL-TV after the few years of contributions; she was hired by Tribune Broadcasting as a General Assignment journalist for their KTLA-5 Los Angeles staff. After that, all she is tasted is success and became the weekend anchor and also the morning news reporter. From the beginning of her career, she was seen as one of the proficient upcoming journalist. As of now, she has already proved herself through her tremendous performance for several channels including NYC, CBC2, KCAL9 and MSNBC.

Sharon Tay associated with KCBS-TV/KCAL-TV, a subsidiary of CBS, is one the illustrious corresponded with a long career winning television news journalist award. CBS, an American television network also known as Columbia Broadcasting System Inc was founded in 1961 but after a year in 1962 it was launched. CBS is regarded as the third largest broadcaster in the world. Sometimes CBS is complimented as “Eye Network” due to the company logo. Initially the CBS was started as the radio network and till date it operates both radio and television stations in large market sized.

Sharon Tay was sought to be one the leading journalist, her knowledge and expertise made her one of the top-notch. Her journalism vocation has truly inspired many of the upcoming journalists who always seek their future to do something with journalism.