»  Beth Mowins married and husband

Posted On: Sep 24, 2014
Born in 1967, Beth Mowins age has not even crossed the 50s border line. Though, there are a lot of speculations on the internet or news regarding her sexual orientation, whether she is gay or not. As Beth is extrovert by nature, she has maintained a renowned status in the industry as well as her personal life has not been involved in any sorts of scandals or controversies. As of now, the information about her personal life or relationship status or the question of her marriage, children, divorce, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, has not been confirmed by her. Most say, she has maintained the secrecy on her personal life pretty well.

Beth Mowins is one of the most renowned journalists of American news industry admired for her 23 year long professionalism with news industry. Much acknowledge for her sports comment as well as journalism presentation, this multitalented persona started her career in 1991 with WXHC-FM Radio. Hired as a sports director and news reporter, Beth fulfilled her responsibility with all obligations and compelled the best in it. Currently associated with CBS and ESPN as sportscaster, Beth is most familiar for her unique style of presenting and interviewing the prominent sports personalities which gained her mass honor in late 1990s. In 2005, she became famous on ESPN after she covered college football games and was cited as the second woman for ESPN to do so. This act earned her a lot of recognition and fame. For 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup on ESPN’s tertiary reporting team, Beth was teamed with Cat Whitehill. As a journalist, she has received an award for her bold job announcing sports related news and events. With all the running and chasing she has done, ESPN and CBS has offered her a good amount of salary and is doing bang-bang on her job.

Beth Mowins is a sportscaster and sports journalist who was born on May 26, 1967, in Syracuse, New York, United States. Beth Mowins was raised by her parents and spent her childhood period in her birthplace at Syracuse. He was very fascinated by sports from her early childhood so she tried to pursue her career as a sportcaster during her adult stage. She completed her schooling in her hometown, joining Cicero-North Syracuse High School and enrolled herself as a soccer, softball and basketball player. And later she chooses Lafayette College located in Easton, Pennsylvania to achieve a bachelor degree. Similarly, she is a master’s degree holder of Syracuse University.

Beth Mowins is a well-known play-by-play anchor and sports journalist of American nationality. Though criticized by many for her awful voice, Beth Mowins is highly appreciated for her television appearance and sports-news presentation.