» Poppy Harlow married and husband

Posted On: May 11, 2014
Extremely beautiful and admirable talent Poppy Harlow is quite confidential about her love life. Poppy is currently running in her thirty two and is not married to anyone which means she does not have husband at this time. However, her single-hood relationship status doesn’t bother her a bit. It was also reported she never dated a guy previously and never was caught with anyone.

Poppy Harlow is one of the distinguished female reporters, widely known for her terrific reporting work at CNN. She is currently craving her name at CNN and is also famous for Forbes.com. Soon after her graduation, Poppy joined CBS as their assignment producer. Her passionate attitude and experience at CBS facilitated her with an opportunity of anchor and reporter at NY 1 News channel where she made certain reporters on economy, cultural event and politics. Generally, she was expending her skill and was gaining some work experience in the field of news, when she caught the eye of executive director of Forbes.com Video Network. Her beauty and distinct approach to host the particular show made her the best choice for Forbes. Her news covering area has widened to fashion, business and entertainment matters. She worked exceptionally well and effectively made a notable impression on everyone. In 2008, Poppy was employed by CNN as an anchor for their show, CNNMoney.com. She there fulfilled the responsibility of anchor and also did some reporting work on CNN International and HNL. In her professional career, she has accomplished to interviewed several renowned person including Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, singer/rapper JAY-Z, formal CEO of AIG Hank Greenberg and others policy makers.

Undoubtedly Poppy is one the stunning and attractive journalist present at CNN where her proportionate assignment and a flawlessly carved figure makes her one of the leading and demanding reporter of time. CNN, World’s leading news networking channel is an abbreviation for Cable News Network. CNN is widely known for its 24 hours update breaking news facility and is the first channel to provide such facilities to viewers. The channel was launched by Ted Turner in the year 1980 and was later owed by the branch of Time Warner, Turner Broadcasting System. CNN made all of its programming in English from its headquarters at CNN Centre, Atlanta. This dominant channel has several affiliates globally and CNN International is one of the sister channel of its. The first news program of CNN was anchored by the couple of David Walker and Lois Hart. At that time, Burt Reinhardt was the president who employed almost 200 hundred personnel including its first anchor, Bernard Shaw.

A sizzling hot Poppy Harlow with her real name Katharine Julia “Poppy” Harlow is an American journalist with a great appealing personality and her blond hair with the graceful smile is a compliment to her looks. Versatile in professionalism Poppy has successfully established herself as an anchor, writer, producer and as well as reporter. Heavenly beautiful Poppy is the 1982 birthed compelling personality who decided to pursue the journalism career soon after graduation.