»  Rudi Bakhtiar married and husband

Posted On: Jul 29, 2015
Despite of career success & media attention she has garnered, this beautiful media personality, Rudi Bakhtiar has successfully kept personal life history away from the media & public. As a matter of fact, there is not much known about her personal life, seems like she doesn't like to speak openly about it.

Formerly a general news correspondent at Fox News Rudi Bakhtiar is an American journalist, best known for hosting prime time national 3-hour long news cast entitled "CNN Headline News Tonight" in United States. Also known as the producer for Thomas Reuters television, Rudi has anchored many others successful newscast for CNN, which includes "Anderson Cooper 360". Having more than a decade of working experience for major international news outlets on CNN, including "Voice of America" & "Reuters News", Rudi earlier joined CNN in 1996, holding multiple of position at cable news network in her first nine years of CNN career, which include anchoring "CNN Headline News" & "CNN Headline News Tonight". Moreover, she has also co-hosted CNN's Emmy Award nominated "CNN Newsroom" & has served as a dedicated reporter for "Anderson Cooper 360". Throughout her CNN's career, Rudi had reported on assignment from number of countries in Africa, Middle-East & Europe. Rudi has also anchored the start of network's coverage of September 11, 2001 terrorist attack. Later in January of 2006, Rudi was appointed as Fox News Channel's general correspondent to report on prominent international news stories, including Ahmadinejad-al-Maliki summit in Tehran & trail & execution of Saddam Hussein.

Born to Iranian immigrant parents, Rudi Bakhtiar felt the first version of her life in Fresno, California, on June 21, 1969. Raised alongside her younger siblings, Rudi's father died of oropharyngeal cancer in year 2005. By her age was two, she was raised in Los Angeles, California. Later, when she was five, she moved along with her family to Iran, where she grew up till 1979 Iranian Revolution. Later moving back to United States at age seventeen, she later attended University of California, Los Angeles, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in biology degree in 1990. Initially, with a plan to be a dentist, she attended New York University Dental School. Additionally, she has even studied architecture at Career Discovery Program at Harvard School of Design. Earlier as a child, her hobbies includes, riding horses, tennis yoga, oil painting, whitewater rafting, snow skiing, waterskiing, & horseback riding.

Recipient of Iranian American Republican Council Achievements Awards for her excellence & accomplishments within Iranian American community, Rudi Bakhtiar is a reputed American media personality.